Royalty Free Images Part 13 – Bokeh Textures

by Royalty Free Images on January 28, 2011

Royalty Free Images

These bokeh textures are not Photoshop-created, but selects from out-of-focus areas of images taken with some really nice lenses (indeed, several were photographed extra for that purpose). While pleasant blur quietly makes much for the aesthetic quality of a stock photo, bokeh textures are really easy material to get some pretty backgrounds in all sorts of designs from, so I thought I give you a few here. Download these royalty free images in higher resolution by clicking on the preview photos below:

royalty free images bokeh textures

stock photo bokeh texture

royalty free photos

stock images

bokeh textures

free bokeh texture

bokeh textures royalty free images

stock photo backgrounds

royalty free images download

bokeh textures royalty free stock photo

More stock photos here at the beginning of next week.

stock photos

bokeh texture free

royalty free images for commercial use

bokeh background

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